I would rather focus my company’s resources on expanding my business; rather than have my staff spend time on bookkeeping.

I too often pay late fees or penalties….and sometimes overdraw my bank accounts.

I am behind in filing personal, business, sales, payroll, or other taxes.

The amounts in my accounts seem wrong. I wonder if money is missing.

The amounts I feel I owe creditors are different from creditor’s claims.

My previous bookkeeper or accountant left an incomprehensible mess.

I have no financial reports—or the reports I have make no sense.

I am fuzzy about how much money I make on each job or product.

I am uncertain about revenue, expenses, or profitability of my various income channels—such as my individual stores, divisions, or departments.

I wonder if I am paying CPA rates for bookkeeping?

I want to do the bookkeeping myself, but I don’t know how. I need training.