Frequently Asked Questions

If I turn my bookkeeping over to you, how do we get started?

Because no two businesses have exactly the same bookkeeping requirements, we take an individual approach to each of our clients. First we’ll do a detailed interview to learn about your business and your bookkeeping and financial reporting needs. As part of that, we’ll find out any special requirements your accountant has, so that we can be sure they are accommodated. We’ll use this information to tailor a bookkeeping plan to your exact needs. When you sign off on the plan, we begin.

How will we work together on an ongoing basis?

Your ongoing bookkeeping will be assigned to a team made up of a supervisor and one or more bookkeepers. The team approach allows individual bookkeepers to specialize, which makes us very efficient and ensures that you get the best possible service. As we proceed, you send us your financial information on a regular schedule and we handle the bookkeeping. We send you reports regularly, and of course, we are always available to answer questions.

I would like to outsource my bookkeeping, but I don’t want to lose control. How can you help me?

We always make sure you are “in the loop.” We send reports to you on a regular basis. We contact you immediately if we have questions or if we spot something we think you should know. If you have questions or if your requirements change, we give you prompt attention. We can even provide you with a login so you can check on your books any time you like. We never lose sight of the fact that, although we are the caretakers, they are your books.

I actually am a pretty good bookkeeper myself — I just don’t have time to get to it.

Business owners get stuck with all the tasks they haven’t yet found someone else to do. Let us take care of the books while you take care of business.

I need to get my books set up on QuickBooks.

We are Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors. We live, eat, and breathe QuickBooks. How QuickBooks is set up at the outset determines whether you can get reports that are useful for managing your specific business. We’ll make sure your books are set up right.

My business and finances would be easier to manage if I had custom reports. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely. Let us know your requirements and we can set up exactly what you need.

My bookkeeping is in too much of a mess. Can you do anything for me?

However big you think your mess is, chances are we’ve seen and cleaned up bigger ones. We’re experts in getting financial material organized and caught-up after months or even years have gone by.

Taxes are coming due. Can you get me ready?

Yes. Of course, if you are close to the deadline, we may have to work overtime. Give us a call and we can talk it over.

I haven’t filed taxes in several years. Can you help?

Absolutely. That’s one of our specialties. The first step is to get all the vital information pulled together and verified. Then we assemble the information and get it to your tax preparer. If you don’t have a tax preparer or a CPA, we can recommend one. We’ve helped a lot of clients in exactly this situation.

How much do you charge for your services?

Regular monthly bookkeeping prices are based on the size of your business, the number of bank and credit card accounts you have, and the average number of transactions you do each month. Pricing for catch-up work is based on the number of months of backlog. In those rare instances where the situation is too complex to give you a price in advance, we’ll give you an estimate of the cost.

What about confidentiality?

Your company’s financials are a private matter and are treated with the utmost care. We insist on the highest standards of professionalism from our staff. Our existing clients appreciate that. As a result, a high degree of trust has developed in our relationships. We strive to develop a similar relationship with you.

I absolutely need my books to be accurate.

So do we. All of our bookkeeping work is checked by a supervisor. Year-end books are checked by Linda herself before they go to your CPA. Every number on your balance sheet is verified outside of QuickBooks by checking against your bank statements, payroll tax reports, and any other source you authorize us to check.

Can you work effectively with my CPA?

We work with many different CPAs and tax preparers. Most accountants and tax preparers prefer to spend their time on strategic financial and tax issues. We make it easy for them by double-checking everything and by supplying supporting documents to back up our numbers. They know if we do the bookkeeping, they won’t have to spend a lot of time fixing errors or making adjustments. That saves you money as well.

We do our own books but we occasionally need some QuickBooks help. Are you available to assist us?

No problem. We can do some or all of your bookkeeping. Or, we can do none of it – while helping you with setup, training, and support. We are available to you and your staff to handle any QuickBooks issues that come up. If you like, we can provide an “extra set of eyes” by doing a quarterly or annual review to check for errors before you send your books off to your accountant.

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here?

We can answer it. Call (408) 219-4044 now. Or, send us an email to [email protected].