Privacy Policy

Better Bookkeepers respects your right to privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information.

This Privacy Policy describes in detail what steps we take to ensure the protection of your private information and details what we might do with any personal information we may obtain when you use the Better Bookkeepers website. While portions of our website may link to other websites, this Privacy Policy in no way controls the actions or forms part of those individual websites and is only applicable to the Better Bookkeepers website. Please review and consult the relevant Privacy Policies of any other website you visit via our page to ensure you agree to their Privacy Policies before providing any personal or general information.

Better Bookkeepers will only collect such information on the website as is deemed necessary to conduct business with you. In addition, we will always inform you of what information is being collected and give you the option to choose how Better Bookkeepers may use your information to communicate with you.

Use of Information

Better Bookkeepers will only use the personal or business information we collect about you on the website in order to:

  • identify you individually as a client;
  • provide the highest quality service to you, your employees and your business partners;
  • operate our business functions as they pertain to you;
  • communicate with you about Better Bookkeepers services and relevant services from business partners;
  • fulfill regulatory and legal obligations;
  • provide you with our e-newsletter and other helpful/important information;
  • communicate with you about Better Bookkeepers services and initiatives; and
  • provide you with pertinent information about products and services we offer.

By allowing Better Bookkeepers to gather and use information, you consent to us using your information as outlined above.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property laws exist to protect this website and may only be used in the ways described in this notice:

  • you may not change any of the material or remove any part of any copyright notice information on the Better Bookkeepers site, and;
  • you may take only temporary copies necessary to browse this site on screen; and

The information displayed within this website:

  • is general information provided solely to market Better Bookkeepers products and services;
  • is not to be misconstrued as professional advice;
  • may not be complete or current; and
  • is subject to change without notice.

We use a portion of the personal information we collect about you in order to authorize you – and only you – to update your personal data and information, gain access to online assistance regarding your account, or perform certain financial transactions.

Safeguard Measures

In order to protect and safeguard the confidentiality and security of your private information, we have implemented internal procedures and installed equipment which we review regularly to ensure that Better Bookkeepers is doing everything that is both technically feasible and reasonable at the time to protect your information.

Better Bookkeepers employees are informed of the importance of client privacy and confidentiality through Better Bookkeepers training programs, operating procedures and internal policies. Better Bookkeepers will take appropriate disciplinary measures in order to enforce the privacy responsibilities of its employees.


Better Bookkeepers does not warrant or represent that the information in this website is free from omissions or errors. Before acting on any information on this website, Better Bookkeepers recommends that you seek independent advice from a qualified accountant and/or financial advisor.

Subject to any terms required by law and which cannot be excluded, Better Bookkeepers accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, cost or expense (whether indirect or direct) incurred by you as a result of any error, omission, information, or misrepresentation on this website.

Better Bookkeepers reserves the right to alter any and all information displayed on this website – including this Privacy Policy – at any time without notice to you. Better Bookkeepers will assume no liability, risk or responsibility should you fail to obtain express written permission directly from Better Bookkeepers to use any information on our website.


If you have any questions or you believe that Better Bookkeepers has not adhered to this Privacy Statement, please contact us directly via our website or by calling (408) 219-4044. Better Bookkeepers will ensure all reasonable efforts are made to promptly determine the problem and take the necessary corrective action.