About Us

Yes, there actually is a Linda Rost behind Better Bookkeepers

To fully understand how and why Linda Rost’s Better Bookkeepers is different from the typical bookkeeping firm, you need to understand a few things about Linda.

When I started the company in 1999 I had a vision of how a bookkeeping firm should operate. My vision was not to build just “any” firm — it was to build an exceptional firm. My attitude was and still is, “do it right or don’t do it at all.”

This commitment came from a career of over twenty years in bookkeeping and business administration. I love bringing order and efficiency to companies. For me, bookkeeping is not complicated, so I don’t make it complicated for you — it is simple, clear, and direct.

However, my understanding of bookkeeping goes beyond the balance sheet; it goes into a broader understanding of how businesses are run and the real challenges that business owners face on a day-to-day basis.

Clients have loved this approach, and as a result the company has grown beyond what any single person could do.

Now we have grown into a whole team. I hand pick each team member for their attention to detail and understanding of effective bookkeeping. Each one must pass a rigorous screening process and display real world experience in the field. And above all, each one must demonstrate a genuine care for the client.

As I said, my vision from the start has been to build an exceptional firm.

The result is that every client gets personalized attention with fast, efficient, accurate service.

Your CPA will appreciate us as well. We anticipate your accountant’s needs and address them in advance. For example, we prove every number on your balance sheet by checking it against sources outside of QuickBooks, such as your bank account or payroll tax records. CPAs know that if we do the bookkeeping, they can concentrate on strategic financial and tax issues and not waste their valuable (and expensive) time fixing errors or making adjustments.

Find out more about just how good a bookkeeping company can be. Contact us by phone, email or fill out our contact form.

Linda Rost’s Better Bookkeepers is based in San Jose, California. Although we are in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can serve clients throughout the United States. Oh, and you can connect with yours truly on Google+, Follow Us On Twitter or Like Us on facebook.