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Most likely, bookkeeping is the last thing on your mind when it comes to your business. Between managing your employees and worrying about producing sales, bookkeeping and accounting duties can fall by the wayside. However, by outsourcing your bookkeeping San Jose, CA tasks, you can ensure that your financial standing is secure and also have time to focus on your business.

Simply tossing all of your receipts, invoices and bills into a folder is not adequate bookkeeping. Instead, bookkeeping San Jose, CA services, offered by Better Bookkeepers, allows for the overseeing of all numeric figures associated with the function of your business. This includes expense, sales and all other important data. Instead of shoving these financial records off to the side, you can use these statements as the basis for important business decisions.

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“I have been using the services of Better Bookkeepers for over 3 years now. I use them for my non-profit organization, Community United San José.

They are very accurate, professional and knowledgeable, especially in regards to nonprofits.Not only do they stay on top of things, but they send me regular reminders. They supply my accountant with everything he needs to file our taxes, on time.

I find the staff easy to work with, and very friendly. I highly recommend them!”

5 / 5 Stars

Published on November 1st, 2015
San Jose, California

Work type: Bookkeeping services


“Great service and timely. Better Bookkeepers is a professional and trustworthy business that you can bank on. Our business has been using Better Bookkeepers for about a 3 and-a-half years. Linda and great her staff have been exceptional with communication and priority.

Linda reviews our log books on a quarterly basis and also does our year-end analysis in preparation for our CPA. Linda and staff are excellent. We strongly recommend Linda and her Staff. They are a must go to company. You can sleep at night knowing that “Better Bookkeepers” has your Back!”

5 / 5 Stars

Published on October 31st, 2016
San Jose, California

Work type: Bookkeeping services


Your trusted Bookkeeper in San Jose California

As a business owner you need to focus all your attention on the daily tasks associated with the operation of your business. Therefore, the inability to concentrate on bookkeeping duties is understandable. This requires time, attention and a diverse skillset. For San Jose, CA bookkeeping services, Better Bookkeepers can handle the financial side of your business and keep you informed of all important figures and statistics. This will ensure that you are knowledgeable, but not bogged down with daily tasks related to accounting and bookkeeping. A more focused approach to business will produce better ideal results. Sometimes delegation of tasks is the best option for a productive business looking at expansion. Better Bookkeepers will have all of your San Jose bookkeeping needs covered.

Accounting and tax preparations in San Jose, California

As a business owner, you are required by law to file taxes annually and keep track of your business affairs. San Jose accounting services are ideal for your tax preparation needs, but can offer more ease if you choose year-long bookkeeping services. Better Bookkeepers offers a wide range of accounting services that can have you properly prepared for tax season. This will ensure that your records are accurate and that no taxation issues arise.

Bookkeeping services provided by Better Bookkeepers in San Jose, CA

Most businesses fail within the first five years. It is no accident or strange coincidence that most of these failed businesses did not have accurate bookkeeping services and prediction on what was occurring in their business. Bookkeeping is one of the key ingredients to a business’s success, and can be the one difference between profits and losses. You must be aware of business components that are costing you great expense. By regularly tracking your financial records, you can see your losses and implement changes that can positively impact your business.   Call Better Bookkeepers located in San Jose now to see how we can help you get your business finances in order.

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